We use our integrated, accelerated approach- The Brand Transformation Journey- to help you transform your brand. It is built from the ten principles of BrandsWeBelieveIn™.

Our methodology unlocks an idea and purpose at the very core of the brand. It integrates insight and perspective across all aspects of the brand.

Our Core Tools

Internal Compassing™

Internal Compassing™

A rigorous qualitative tool designed to build depth understanding of the diverse and common internal perspectives on the brand and its future potential. This creates a critical first input into the challenge at hand, and the barriers and the possibilities that lie ahead. It is also a critical means to build global team traction and engagement.
Cultural Energies™

Cultural Energies™

Cultural Energies™ is a proprietary tool which creates a vivid sense of the residual, dominant and emergent trends themes which will have direct impact on the brand as it moves forward. This provides crucial insight into the coming context for the brand. Born of the disciplines of Cultural Studies and Social Psychology, it is led by MEAT’s Cultural Specialist Team and is supported by a global network of on the ground contributors.
Consumer Mindscoping™

Consumer Mindscoping™

A proprietary core tool designed to elicit a depth understanding of the driving human values which connect the consumer at a point of deeper connection with the category and the brand. Consumer Mindscoping™ is a globally replicable methodology which is led by a team of specialist insight practitioners globally, working to a uniquely validated framework of 18 human values.
Crystallisation workshop™

Crystallisation workshop™

A collaborative workshop which dynamically brings together the diverse insight streams to integrate them into future-facing ideas Brand Positioning Ideas which have an idea at their core.

Brand Transformation Journey - Accelerated Four Stage Process


Unlocking deep insight inside and beyond the brand and business to define and shape the opportunity
Excavation Cultural Energies™


Unlocking the points of connection with the target consumer’s idealised self by defining the Human Values with which the brand powerfully connects
Connection Consumer MINDSCOPING™


Collaborative workshop session to bring together critical insight to create integrated ideas at the core of the brand
Crystallisation CRYSTALLISATION workshop™


Defining the brand and its purpose with precision. Creating the means to drive the thinking through the business and engage stakeholders deeply. We have specialist tools which we use to embed thinking across the organisation.
Definition Brand definition pyramid
Definition Brand Stewardship