We believe that all brands have the potential to connect with real purpose, regardless of category. It is about knowing what really matters and knowing how to unlock this.


Some brands connect with us at a deeper, more fundamental level. They have a purpose which touches our lives. They move us and make us think differently about ourselves. We call them ‘BrandsWeBelieveIn™’. It is these brands which have the power to create true meaning globally, even in categories of apparently low interest.

We distil 10 principles which guide our methodology and how we work with brands globally to transform their relevance, connection and global scale.

Our Ten Principles
BrandsWeBelieveIn™ :-

  • Have a purpose that goes beyond the commercial or the functional
  • Operate to their own agenda, unaffected by competitor envy
  • Address a desire, or a problem, at our very heart, and thus encourage us to think differently about ourselves
  • Connect at a level of fundamental Human Values to create true meaning – the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’
  • Feel very personal to consumers…yet create a bigger tribe of affinity that crosses borders
  • Create a positive and optimistic view of the world
  • Innovate through the lens of the brand
  • Create brand behaviours which allow the brand’s idea to be experienced by ritual
  • Turn consumers into passionate advocates
  • Create true brand activists within their team