Building a true BrandWeBelieveIn™ in the most commoditised of categories: water.

There is no greater prospect of commoditisation than in water. The challenge with Volvic was to create a positioning which could elevate the brand to a point of true distinctiveness while powerfully unlocking the deep but then elusive ideology and capability it embodies.

MEAT’s Mindscoping™ approach was used as an integral tool as part of a full Brand Transformation Journey. Working primarily across three European markets MEAT unlocked a powerful driving Human Value and crystallised the Positioning Idea of Volvic as ‘Elemental Force’.

The positioning is successfully rolling out through Europe at present, fronted by the epic ‘Giant’ communication strategy.

Unstoppable Volcanicity

Courtesy of Y&R
MEAT’s work helped us to really unlock the essence and purpose of our Volvic brand. Emmanuelle Prandi Global Leader Volvic Danone