San Miguel

Repositioning the iconic beer brand for a new generation.

Few brands epitomise holiday good times more than San Miguel has done for over more than a generation. But as time has gone on, and competitors have increased, the brand was losing its relevance for both established and new drinkers. The challenge was to create a positioning idea for the brand capable of connecting its past and its now obscured roots with a new generation, with new purpose.

MEAT worked with the team on a full Brand Transformation Journey – starting with a deep excavation of the brand’s roots and DNA. We used this, along with the Internal Compassing ™ to unlock Triggers – sharp stimulus to be used in Consumer Mindscoping ™.

Mindscoping ™ was used to unlock the potential Pathways of Desire. The value of Happiness was seen to have huge resonance as the spine of San Miguel’s elevation. This was crystallised into a positioning, the essence of which being ‘A Life Well Lived.’ ‘Una Vida Bien Vivida’ was produced by Saatchi to bring this to life across all media.

Una Vida Bien Vivida

Courtesy of Saatchi and Saatchi
MEAT are a class apart. Our work with MEAT has been a real experience, using a very creative approach to achieve rigid business plans grounded in deep insights and engaging the whole team in the process. It has truly been a seamless collaboration between agency and client. It is a pleasure to work with people who feel as passionate about your business as you do yourself. Caroline Hipperson (Formerly) Marketing Director Carlsberg