GSK Poligrip Denture Care

Unlocking a powerful global positioning to drive radical category growth in the dental care market.

Dentures are a very real part of many people’s lives the world over – acting not just as a critical means to perform life’s essentials of eating and speaking, but also playing a key role in people’s confidence and capability to take on the world every day.

MEAT worked with Polident globally to unlock a positive positioning for the brand with real purpose, capable of tackling the inhibition dentures bring to so many, and inspiring denture wearers to ‘Smile Out Loud’ – to reach for true happiness.

The Brand Transformation Journey moved from initial insight to execution within six months. Consumer Mindscoping™ took place in Asia, USA, Europe and Latin America. The new ‘Live Loud’ campaign is now on air across five continents.

Poligrip Live Loud

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MEAT have helped truly transform the Poligrip brand. They have unlocked a positioning based on truly breakthrough, and deeply relevant insight. Angela Chen Global Category Leader Oral Health GSK
MEAT are a world-class resource in strategic brand development - they navigate the global-local divide with real insight, intelligence and a keen eye for really actionable solutions. James Hallatt Senior Vice President Oral Health GSK