Grey Goose

Unlocking the next generation of growth for the 'World’s Best Tasting Vodka' and creating innovation to drive re-appraisal.

Since its meteoric rise in the late nineties and early millennium years, Grey Goose had two problems. It was losing its relevance, its ‘cool’ and its cachet in the USA, and was not growing at pace in new markets.

MEAT worked alongside the team on a Brand Transformation Journey. Key to the re-invention of the brand was new depth insight into the core target drinker elicited via MEAT’s Mindscoping ™ approach to unlocking true consumer motivation at the level of Human Values.

The final idea was crystallised as ‘Defy Expectations’, aimed at the global ‘Lover of Life, Leader in Life’ target and leading to the ‘Fly Beyond’ communication strategy. This target definition has been at the heart of the brand’s global roll-out which MEAT has co-stewarded across four continents.

MEAT co-led the creation of a premium innovation strategy to elevate the brand and create a landmark global symbol of re-appraisal. Grey Goose VX launched in late 2014.

Fly Beyond

Courtesy of Ogilvy
I have found MEAT to be leaders of thoughtful, sharp strategic brand development that truly unlocks a brand’s purpose. Their work rapidly simplifies the complex, with peerless levels of insight and clarity, to build actionable and focused plans. Natasha Curtin Global Marketing Director Grey Goose, Bacardi