Bombay Sapphire

Bringing the lustre and allure to a new generation of gin drinkers for the jewel in Bacardi’s crown.

Bombay Sapphire epitomised the glamour and aesthetics of the early 1990’s drinking landscape. But as the context changed, and drinkers gravitated to new drinks such as vodka, and the new ideas they brought, Bombay Sapphire started to lose its lustre.

MEAT took Bombay Sapphire on a full Brand Transformation Journey. We unlocked the brand’s illustrious sense of self embedded in its values and unique liquid, look and feel. Our Internal Compassing™ approach played a key role in unlocking the common threads of deep DNA and the ‘kinks’ in alignment that had arisen over time.

Mindscoping™ in the USA and Europe unlocked a deep connection to the Human Value of Wisdom that the Bombay Sapphire experience inspired in its drinkers.
The crystallised global positioning idea has led to the global ‘Infused with Imagination’ 360° communications and content.

Infused with Imagination

Courtesy of RKCR/Y&R
I have developed three successful global brand repositionings with MEAT, each powerfully leveraging a fundamental human need, connecting through a deep long-term insight and driven by emerging trends. The combination of behavioural science, careful observation and a structured discovery process supported the development of powerful global brand ideas that yielded long-term campaigns. I am happy to recommend MEAT. John Burke Global Category Director Whiskies, Rum and innovations, Bacardi